DMC won in the Pony Express Parade!

Every year Mckinleyville does an event called the Pony Express. This event is a town celebration that was established in 1968.  This year was the 49th Annual Celebration. Pony Express is a week long event and the whole community gathers together. It has several activities throughout the whole week which includes a Chili Cook-off, Barn Dance, Pancake Breakfast and Saturday’s Parade down Central Avenue that follows right into the Family Festival in Pierson Park with a horse shoe tournament as well as lots of fun free activities for the kids, food and craft vendors and the Pony Express Saloon.  On Saturday & Sunday there is a Gymkhana, which is a series of competitive games on horseback.

Now that you have a better idea of what the Pony Express is. You can see why it is a big deal to the Mckinleyville Community.

DMC is always giving back to our community and finding ways to contribute! We strive to help Mckinleyville be an amazing place to live.

That being said, this year was our first year in joining the Pony Express Parade. Our whole crew got together and decorated our 20 foot trailer. We framed up some walls, put streamers, caution tape, construction cones, balloons, and even put our bob cat on it tool! We also decorated the other 6 DMC trucks that were going to drive in the parade as well.

On Saturday, DMC showed up to the parade with all 7 trucks and a 20 foot trailer. We had a lot of our crew and families on our float supporting our company. We also played music, and had kids walking on the side of the float passing out goodies!

We then got announced at the Family Festival that we won for the best float!  DMC wants to thank our crew, their families, and our amazing community that joined and participated in the pony express days!

DMC wins 2017 Pony Express Parade

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