Home Remodeling

Home Remodeling:

DMC does home remodeling!

Why remodel?

Now a days when looking at the cost verse value report the ratio is under 100%. Which means you’re more likely to spend more on a project than get it back in additional dollars if you were to sale the house within the first year. So then that’s when we think well heck why remodel in the first place?

Well check this out, here is why!

Remodeling a home is less expensive in an existing home than buying a new home that has all the features you want. Think about it moving has stress and fees of its own like brokerage fee,the materials you will spend for boxes and packaging, transporting everything back and forth, worry about your stuff getting broken or banged up,storage fees ,etc. Who knows maybe your just comfortable in your home and you like how conveniently close your job is to your home, or how close shopping malls, grocery stores, and entertainment is for all that matter. You don’t want the hassle of changing everything. Or even here is another reason, maybe you plan to stay in your home for years after completing a remodel project. You get the benefits of new and upgraded stuff and you usually get more value back eventually when you sell the house.No worries that’s why DMC is here to help you make them home improvements to help keep your life less stressful. We all like to think that as we live in a house things won’t get destroyed,broken, or even out dated and we know that eventually it needs to be updated and fixed. Sometimes if you fix the problem sooner than later it can actually be cheaper than if you procrastinate and it gets worse. Here are just a few ideas to what kind of remodels we can do for you home: Kitchen Remodeling ,Bathroom RemodelingDecks and Patios, Sun rooms, Garages and much more. Please feel free to give us a call today we would love to help you remodel your home.Home Remodel

Serving, but not limited too : Fortuna, Eureka, Arcata, Blue Lake, Trinidad


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