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DMC Bathroom

Dan and his crew have been doing work on my vacation cabin in the redwoods for several years. With the possibility that it may become my full-time residence in the near future, I’ve had him upgrade my bathroom, redo the electrical, and myriad smaller projects. Dan is extremely conscientious about meeting his client’s needs. When they did my bathroom I could not be there to oversee, so I basically gave Dan the freedom to design it as he wanted to, everything from the location of the tub to picking out the sink and lighting, the end result being a rustic but highly functional little room that is totally in keeping with my personal aesthetic and with the rest of the cabin. On another occasion he surprised me a cord of firewood, which he didn’t ask or expect payment for. Easy to work with, returns calls and emails promptly, flexible with payment plans.

Annie K. Cabin Owner Redwood Forest, Humboldt County, CA October 5, 2015