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Dan This is a note of commendation to you and your awesome crew. Matt began working with us last summer when I needed handrails on my front porch. He did such a fabulous job that my neighbors keep commenting on how they look like they were done when our home was built. That small job came from Thomas Home Center’s recommendation of you. When I called, you told me ‘no job is too small.’ Boy, am I thrilled you said that. Matt is not only a fabulous work worker (we have some friends who checked it out and commented that the workmanship was great and ‘very hard to do.’ Matt called, came when he said he would, and completed the job quickly to accommodate my needs. So, since then, I, not getting any quotes, called you to come see about a handrail down to my meditation hut. Far beyond my wildest dreams, here comes Oscar. He is another of your employees that gives your company a fabulous name. First of all, like Matt, he is simply a wonderful person. And his way above and beyond work. I still am astounded that he routed out the side of a 2 x 4 standing it vertically on top of the railing. AND rounded the edges!! He and Matt got incredibly creative in planning the rail down to the hairpin curve and all the way down. They followed the contour of the path, not just doing a straight run. And if that wasn’t enough, they added another rail below to make it all stronger. They did that because they observed me going up and down with my walker, almost falling a couple of times. Then and there they took it upon themselves to make it stronger to grab if I was falling. What kind of a caring touch would anybody else do? No one I’ve ever worked with in the past. I told Matt that he is now part of our family! Kristian and Nelsin are two other great employees. Everyone works hard, is friendly and takes great pride in their work. My only problem with them Dan is that I can’t get them to take breaks! I’ve been making brownies and forcing them to take a break because I told them I was going to be totally torqued at them if they didn’t eat them while still warm from the oven. We talked to Matt about painting our trim and cleaning out the gutters. As we were talking, he noticed there were small cracks where 2 pieces of the hard plank abutted. So, it was clear that the house needed to be caulked and painted. I was fine with his recommendation as I noticed how many small cracks there were. I only groaned because I didn’t want to deal with getting three folks out for quotes and not knowing who was good. Matt just smiled and said that you take care of all that. We had finished up our order for a new front door, Matt found that as well, and he headed off. I’m not kidding. Ten minutes later he was back in my driveway with Les and Jed! Then it finally dawned on me. You are general contractors and you would use your best subs to get the job done, down to all the details except for me choosing the paint! I was completely sure that this process was going to go very well. If that’s not all, when Matt went on the roof to clean our skylights, he came down with the news about our roof. We were planning on re-roofing in 2 to 3 years, but now is the time. So, it wasn’t 20-30 minutes later that Matt was back, yet again, with Todd. That was last Friday afternoon. We went to R and S on Monday and picked out the color we wanted. Top of the line, as has been our practice with Matt. Working at my kitchen sink on Thurs pm, I heard some voices. I look out to see Matt and Ben. Our intent had been all along when we replaced the roof to go solar. I fussed at Matt because I hadn’t gotten a text, e-mail or phone call in the last 45 hours! I asked if he was mad at me! Yet again, total trust. Your subs are wonderful people who clearly take great pride in their work as well. I’ve never been so impressed in a very long time. Oh by the way, speaking of trust, Kristian and Nelsin moved 12 yards of gravel onto the entire path. I went out for a few hours and when I returned, they were just leaving, always past finishing time, and said they’d be back in the morning. Around noon the next day, I realized I had not gone down the path to check their work. I was surprised at myself and was very pleased at the same time. That speaks volumes about your company! Kudos Dan! There is still more that I will send in another missive. Many, many thanks for being such a fabulous contractor! (you can quote me on that) Alicia and Dave Abell



Rev. Dr. Alicia Abell




Alicia Abell Homeowner October 8, 2015