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Are you looking for a reliable and professional general contractor in McKinleyville and Humboldt County? If so, you should consider DMC Home Building, Inc., a company that has been serving the community for over 20 years. Whether you need a new home, an addition, a remodel, or a handyman service, DMC Home Building, Inc. can handle it all with skill and efficiency. Here are some reasons why you should choose DMC Home Building, Inc. for your next project:

  • Quality: DMC Home Building, Inc. uses only the best materials and equipment to ensure that your home is built to last. They follow the highest standards of craftsmanship and safety, and guarantee your satisfaction with every job.
  • Experience: DMC Home Building, Inc. is owned by Daniel Patrick Marsh, who has a general building license and over 20 years of experience in the industry. He leads a team of qualified and trained workers who can handle any challenge or request.
  • Reputation: DMC Home Building, Inc. has a stellar reputation among its customers and peers. They have a 5-star rating and 13 reviews on Bing, and a 93 score on BuildZoom, which ranks them in the top 27% of California licensed contractors. They have also received many referrals and repeat customers who appreciate their honesty, professionalism, and customer service.

If you are ready to make your dream home a reality, contact DMC Home Building, Inc. today at (707) 834-4590 or visit their website at You won’t regret it!

We’re still here!

Greetings from the DMC Headquarters in Mckinleyville! It’s been a while since we last posted on our website and we wanted to tap in with our community and let you know that we are still here as your  #1 Home Builder in all of Humboldt County! Our team of builders strives for perfection and takes great pride in everything they do. We always aim to go above and beyond for our clients which is part of the reason a lot of our clients keep coming back to us. If you are in need of anything from repairs to wanting to build from the ground up, we got you covered. Feel free to call our office at 707-834-4590 Monday – Friday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and leave a message with our new office manager Jessica. She will then take what information you give her and relay it to Dan Marsh, our General Contractor and the owner of the DMC Home Building. He will then be able to move forward with whatever needs you have when it comes to renovating, repairing, or building your custom dream home. Our customer’s needs always come first. Thank you all for your support and we hope to be able to serve you soon!

DMC won in the Pony Express Parade!

Every year Mckinleyville does an event called the Pony Express. This event is a town celebration that was established in 1968.  This year was the 49th Annual Celebration. Pony Express is a week long event and the whole community gathers together. It has several activities throughout the whole week which includes a Chili Cook-off, Barn Dance, Pancake Breakfast and Saturday’s Parade down Central Avenue that follows right into the Family Festival in Pierson Park with a horse shoe tournament as well as lots of fun free activities for the kids, food and craft vendors and the Pony Express Saloon.  On Saturday & Sunday there is a Gymkhana, which is a series of competitive games on horseback.

Now that you have a better idea of what the Pony Express is. You can see why it is a big deal to the Mckinleyville Community.

DMC is always giving back to our community and finding ways to contribute! We strive to help Mckinleyville be an amazing place to live.

That being said, this year was our first year in joining the Pony Express Parade. Our whole crew got together and decorated our 20 foot trailer. We framed up some walls, put streamers, caution tape, construction cones, balloons, and even put our bob cat on it tool! We also decorated the other 6 DMC trucks that were going to drive in the parade as well.

On Saturday, DMC showed up to the parade with all 7 trucks and a 20 foot trailer. We had a lot of our crew and families on our float supporting our company. We also played music, and had kids walking on the side of the float passing out goodies!

We then got announced at the Family Festival that we won for the best float!  DMC wants to thank our crew, their families, and our amazing community that joined and participated in the pony express days!

DMC wins 2017 Pony Express Parade

New Year

DMC hopes that everyone had a wonderful Christmas! The New Year is right around the corner. DMC has a lot of goals and we are determined to accomplish them. Its time for you to accomplish the things you need to get done as well!! If you have had that bathroom that’s been needing a remodel or your kitchen needs new flooring or even something as simple as needing your back door fixed, make sure you stay motivated and get that done.You deserve to treat yourself and fixing up your home is a great way to do it! DMC is the place to go. We have quality work and a hard working team. Dan has spent years building perfection and we can defiantly prove to you that we have mastered that. Give us a call today and we would love to sign a contract to get your home some new upgrades. New Year, New beginnings!

Dan Marsh still has passion for what he does!

Dan Marsh has been in this Construction industry for several years. He continues to show his huge heart and compassion for helping others when it comes to there construction needs. Recently he got a phone call saying that another construction company had removed the roof off of this house and left it to be destroyed in the rain. So Dan understood the importance of this lady’s house and knew that if he didn’t help her right away, she would be in a lot of trouble. We were completely booked but he took some of his guys off other jobs to work on her roof. While being up on the house the guys had noticed that there were several spots that had been rotted so they replaced that and Put tarps on the roof to prevent the gnarly rain  from ruining the roof even more. Through the storm, the tarp was shifting and it wasn’t keeping the rain drops from leaking into her ceiling.. Dan and his crew went out on there day off  in the middle of the night to this wild storm and crazy winds and go back on her roof to fix the tarp. Because of Dan’s compassion and hard work ethics he was able to repair the roof in a timely manner. He learned that she was going through escrow and that the buyer was extremely picky and she had to repair a lot of things around the house leaving her with no money to pay off the bill here at DMC. With Dan’s huge heart he has built a really great relationship with this sweet customer. He is very understanding that people run into problems like this and that it wasn’t her intentions at all to not pay the bills so he is giving her an amazing opportunity and waiting for escrow to close before she pays her bill. I enjoy watching Dan do these acts of kindness for customers. It goes to show that he is an amazing owner and he isn’t just in this industry to make money for his family but to also help out his local family as well. He goes out of his way to help others and this is why Dan has such a successful business and a great reputation.If you have not done business with us i would recommend you consider it. If you don’t have any construction needs at the time but you find yourself reading this blog i would suggest you at least stop into the office and meet him. He is a great guy to talk to and he enjoys meeting people that live in his community.

DMC History

How we started DMC??


Dan Marsh started off working at true value hardware making minimum wage at a young age. He hit it off with one of the customers that was a regular named Charlie Netzow. Charlie then hired Dan and challenged him to break down this house and guided him in building a new one. Dan is a man that likes to take challenges and defeat them. He built his first home with Charlie and really looked up to him as a mentor and it sparked his interest in the building industry. Dan then decided to go to College Of The Redwoods. He fell in love creating blue prints and gained more passion in the industry the more he learned the fundamentals and started building things himself. Dan has compassion on the overall outcome of building. He loves the fact that putting his hard work, blood, sweat and tears into something he created and being able to share that with someone who can start a life with a family and to make memories in a home that he built makes him feel honored.He enjoys helping people and strives to give them that high quality to feel good about themselves and appreciate there home. From graduating with high grades at College Of The Redwoods and being one of the top students in his career path,Dan then decided to start his own construction business from ground up. He started with a couple tools and a vehicle driving around from door to door doing little jobs. Even through the recession period and which at times he was losing money doing jobs,Dan worked hard and stayed loyal and fair to his customers completing every job with his high quality standards. Dan is also a religious man and believes that good things happen to good people. He had faith in his business and knew that with his hard work and dedication then success would come his way.One day him and one of his friends went in together on a house and bought it to fix it up and resale. People were buying houses for really high prices and Dan took a big leap and gave it a shot. While working out on top of the house one day this man came by and offered to buy the house.He gave Dan and his friend a crazy amount that they couldn’t turn down. From then on Dan has continued to grow his clientele. He worked from home and kept on striving for more success. He did that for a little while and eventually hired on some employees to keep up with all the work he was getting. From there he gained enough income to move into a little office building he shared with another business in Mckinleyville. He has a outstanding outlook for his business and the way he wants it ran with high professional standards. He understands the importance of his clients and only gives them high quality work with every job done.With that being said Dan only does things the correct way and believes that with the high quality work he does that it will make the community better and more a beautiful place that people can come to and enjoy. He believes that no matter the job whether its a small one or big one that it is always important and needs to be done with “DMC Standards. ” Because of that he has gained respect and trust from people and they continue to call him back for more work. They also recommend him to a lot of other people in the community which has gained a huge reputation that he has worked hard for and continues to hold high. Dan has been really successful and the business has been growing and succeeding everyday. With the respect his community has shown him he has moved up to buying a building to be even more professional to his clients.He bought a ran down building on the strip of Central Ave in Mckinleyville and decided to make it his office location for the growing business. With Dan’s High standards he wanted to provide a more respectable building for his clients to come to, so Dan remodeled the building and gave it an amazing beautiful view to drive by everyday on the busy main street in Mckinleyville. Today the business varies from 10-20 employees. Dan coaches and pushes his employees to keep up with the “DMC Standards.” We have a really good team that respects the business and loves what they do for our community as well. DMC employees are amazing and are a joy to be around. We would love to work for you and give you the quality you deserve!! Give us a call today.


dmc office old building * the tan is the new remodeled building and the yellow is the older building before Dan bought it.



Deck Builders Mckinleyville, CADecking

Whether it’s outside of your French doors in your bedroom, or it’s outside the sliding glass doors of your kitchen, when summertime hits you will wish you had a deck to enjoy. Before you have a deck put in you will want to know what material is best for its price, and what would best fit your family’s lifestyle. There are four different materials that are used for decking. I have listed below pros and cons for all four materials.

Concrete deck/patio;

Pros: It is less likely to become bug infested and requires no maintenance.

Cons: Possibilities of cracking and it could turn costly to repair. Also, if you have younger kids the surface is more dangerous than other materials should someone fall.

Stamp Concrete;

Pros: It is a classier look of concrete for not much more in price. You can mimic different types of natural materials, such as brick or flagstone. You can also add your own personalized mold that will give your home a special touch.

Cons: In the cold weather they can be slicker than other materials and will also give off a reflective glare when hit by the sun.

Wood decks;

Pros: It already has a natural rustic look to it which some people prefer. Choosing a wood deck can also help you stay within your budget depending on the style of wood you choose.

Cons: Obviously we all know the cons. One is they can warp and rot. They are prone to insects and requires a lot of upkeep.

Last but not least composite decking. Composite decking has many pros to it and very few cons.


Pros: It is low maintenance and will resist mildew, warping, and insects. They come with a 25 year coverage, and if you sell your home before that time is up, the coverage would be passed on to the new homeowners. It increases an average of 71% on your home return on investment. It is also fire resistant which a big plus is. Amazing, right?

Con: it can, in the beginning, be pricier than the other deck materials I have mentioned, but not by much.

So that wraps it up! I hope this has helped you decide what you want and what would best fit you and your family. If you are interested in adding a deck to your home Call DMC Construction. Happy Decking!

New home construction tips

Some Basic New Home Construction Tips

Image of new home construction McKinleyville ca

New Home Construction Tips #1: Know your budget.

Your largest expenses will be is the real estate and then the building contractor, so you will need to choose these wisely in order to keep the cost within your targeted budget. Download this handy worksheet to see if your financially ready for a new home building construction project..

New Home Construction Tips #2: Planning and design.

Secondly, planning out the home design, remember to keep in mind what purpose the rooms will have so that you can get the most for your money as this is the time where you can choose what you want to do rather than what you have to do down the road. Keep in mind though when making these decisions that this is also the time to think ahead. How will my family grow, what will be the best attraction if we decide to put it on the market in later years?

None of us can predict what the future holds and yes for the first few years the home should be a maintenance free dwelling but as time goes on there are those incidents where general maintenance and mechanical fixes will occur.

New Home Construction Tips: #3 Financing

Also when considering the construction of a new home it is also important to research what home sales have been in the past, what they are and what they might be in the future and at what percentage rate.

Look also at what the conditions are of your mortgage as many companies often reorganize their terms available. There are many familiar types of mortgages offered and without being an educated buyer the risk of financial hardships can occur. Determining how much you can afford is one of many principle keys.

New Home Construction Tips #4: Choosing the right Building Contractor

Yes, new home construction project can be an exciting time so don’t be in a hurry, remember to choose reputable licensed contractors as the lender will not only be looking at what you can afford to make your dream a reality but also may suggest as well as require you to hire a group of reputable contractors in order to protect your investment. A good choice would be a New Home Builder Contractor such as DMC Home Building. Having the confidence in knowing the job is done right can save you money, build equity while giving you peace of mind. Start from the low end of your list when considering what you want in your new home because as time goes on and the new home construction begins it may be too late to revise the plan of the new home construction. Stay within your target budget. Research cost effective ways of making your home a living dream rather than a financial nightmare. Don’t try to get everything into one bushel at one time, enjoy the years. Consider what is most necessary and through the years you’ll be able to enjoy your home. The best plan is not always the smartest plan, and having peace of mind takes time. Do your homework, do the math and choose wisely. A quality builder can be found by seeking out recommendations from friends, neighbors and coworkers. It is most important to have patience. Be sure to look ahead when looking into new home construction with getting recommendations as experienced ones will be able to share with you many key factors in one of the most important investment goals, the construction of your new home.