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Called in DMC base in Humboldt County when my insurance couldn't find a suitable plumber to fix my clogged drain in Eureka. They had my drains cleared fast, were clean and efficient, and were super awesome taking care of whatever needed to be done with the insurance providers. I have DMC General Contractors at the top my list for all of my future home repair/ building needs.

Daryl Messina Home Owner Humboldt Hill, Eureka, CA October 5, 2015

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Dan This is a note of commendation to you and your awesome crew. Matt began working with us last summer when I needed handrails on my front porch. He did such a fabulous job that my neighbors keep commenting on how they look like they were done when our home was built. That small job came from Thomas Home Center's recommendation of you. When I called, you told me 'no job is too small.' Boy, am I thrilled you said that. Matt is not only a fabulous work worker (we have some friends who checked it out and commented that the workmanship was great and 'very hard to do.' Matt called, came when he said he would, and completed the job quickly to accommodate my needs. So, since then, I, not getting any quotes, called you to come see about a handrail down to my meditation hut. Far beyond my wildest dreams, here comes Oscar. He is another of your employees that gives your company a fabulous name. First of all, like Matt, he is simply a wonderful person. And his way above and beyond work. I still am astounded that he routed out the side of a 2 x 4 standing it vertically on top of the railing. AND rounded the edges!! He and Matt got incredibly creative in planning the rail down to the hairpin curve and all the way down. They followed the contour of the path, not just doing a straight run. And if that wasn't enough, they added another rail below to make it all stronger. They did that because they observed me going up and down with my walker, almost falling a couple of times. Then and there they took it upon themselves to make it stronger to grab if I was falling. What kind of a caring touch would anybody else do? No one I've ever worked with in the past. I told Matt that he is now part of our family! Kristian and Nelsin are two other great employees. Everyone works hard, is friendly and takes great pride in their work. My only problem with them Dan is that I can't get them to take breaks! I've been making brownies and forcing them to take a break because I told them I was going to be totally torqued at them if they didn't eat them while still warm from the oven. We talked to Matt about painting our trim and cleaning out the gutters. As we were talking, he noticed there were small cracks where 2 pieces of the hard plank abutted. So, it was clear that the house needed to be caulked and painted. I was fine with his recommendation as I noticed how many small cracks there were. I only groaned because I didn't want to deal with getting three folks out for quotes and not knowing who was good. Matt just smiled and said that you take care of all that. We had finished up our order for a new front door, Matt found that as well, and he headed off. I'm not kidding. Ten minutes later he was back in my driveway with Les and Jed! Then it finally dawned on me. You are general contractors and you would use your best subs to get the job done, down to all the details except for me choosing the paint! I was completely sure that this process was going to go very well. If that's not all, when Matt went on the roof to clean our skylights, he came down with the news about our roof. We were planning on re-roofing in 2 to 3 years, but now is the time. So, it wasn't 20-30 minutes later that Matt was back, yet again, with Todd. That was last Friday afternoon. We went to R and S on Monday and picked out the color we wanted. Top of the line, as has been our practice with Matt. Working at my kitchen sink on Thurs pm, I heard some voices. I look out to see Matt and Ben. Our intent had been all along when we replaced the roof to go solar. I fussed at Matt because I hadn't gotten a text, e-mail or phone call in the last 45 hours! I asked if he was mad at me! Yet again, total trust. Your subs are wonderful people who clearly take great pride in their work as well. I've never been so impressed in a very long time. Oh by the way, speaking of trust, Kristian and Nelsin moved 12 yards of gravel onto the entire path. I went out for a few hours and when I returned, they were just leaving, always past finishing time, and said they'd be back in the morning. Around noon the next day, I realized I had not gone down the path to check their work. I was surprised at myself and was very pleased at the same time. That speaks volumes about your company! Kudos Dan! There is still more that I will send in another missive. Many, many thanks for being such a fabulous contractor! (you can quote me on that) Alicia and Dave Abell



Rev. Dr. Alicia Abell




Alicia Abell Homeowner October 8, 2015

William A. Hardwick

Backyard Deck

FIVE STARS! Dan and his crew did a great job on our deck remodel. The creativity was impressive, and the craftsmanship was A+. I also was happy to get the bill which was below budget. His crewmen were a joy to have around our property, very cheery and positive. Unlike prior contractors we have used, his crew cleaned up the project site every day before they left. We will be using DMC for all our projects around the ranch, and Lord know we have enough of them. So get these guys on your calendar while you can, because we our going to be calling them a lot!

William & Dianna Hardwick CEO of A-1 Cleaning Service, LLC; Home Owner Arcata, CA October 5, 2015


I loved working with Dan and his crew! The project was a joy. To a man they were all wonderful...including the subcontractors that worked on my cottage. Dan's goal is truly to make sure that his customer is happy. To that end he was very accommodating and willing to work within my budget including putting up with my finding good deals on materials online. If I had another project tomorrow, I'd call Dan.

Lois Beachy Home Owner October 5, 2015

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I recently had the pleasure of working with Dan and his crew on a renovation project for my home, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. From start to finish, the team at DMC was professional, efficient, and focused on delivering high-quality craftsmanship. They took the time to listen to my needs and preferences, and worked closely with me to create a design that fit my budget and vision.

The crew was always on time, and I appreciated their attention to detail and commitment to keeping a tidy work environment. The finished product exceeded all of my expectations - not only did they complete the project on time, but the end result was stunning. The attention to detail and quality of workmanship was evident in everything from the final finishes to the smallest details of the project.

Overall, I would highly recommend DMC Home Building to anyone who is looking for a trustworthy and dependable construction company. They epitomize professionalism and exceptional craftsmanship, and I look forward to working with them again in the future.

Oscar Rigg August 2, 2023

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Home Remodel

5 star rating for DMC Construction!  They are a 10+ on my customer satisfaction scale. Bottom line, unequivocally the best contractor we have ever had. Hire them!


DMC Construction has done several jobs at our home. Quotes we received for our jobs came through quickly, were thorough, detailed and at a very good price. They always come on the arranged date, on time and never start without making sure we know exactly what they are doing that day. And they come READY to get to work as soon as they can. The quality of their work is ‘A number one.’ I’m always thrilled at the end of a project that far exceeds my expectations. Our neighbors notice as well. We receive many compliments on each job DMC Construction does for us.


What can I say about all their employees? They are very respectful to us and respectful to our environment. They come to work clean and tidy and are very friendly. Wonderful people, each one. We have never had a complaint about any employee nor their work.


A question that always comes to mind is ‘can we trust them?’ Definitely yes. There is no need to keep watching over their shoulders as we discovered right away. When we’d leave for the day, it was clear they had worked hard all day. Also, it is company policy to be tidy as you work. We never found any materials scattered around our yard at any point during the day. And it is also their policy to and never leave for the day without entirely cleaning up their tools and whatever they used that day, even taking away the trash!


DMC Construction is the firm you could ever hope and dream to find. You’ll never regret hiring them.


Alicia and Dave

Arcata, CA

Dave Abell Homeowner October 8, 2015

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Garage Door Repair

I had the best experience with DMC Construction company! We had moved out of state but still needed work done on our Eureka home prior to selling it.  I contacted a few local contractor friends who all said they did not have time to even look at our projects that needed to be done. I felt very anxious & wondered how I was going to get our work completed in order to put our house on the market. I looked online & saw DMC construction link so I checked it out. The web site was very professional, very informative & geared toward potential customers. I read several customer reviews that were very favorable! I decided to call & I actually got a "real person" to answer & not an answering machine.  The office manager Toni was so helpful & very knowledgeable. She listened to what work I needed done & quickly set up an appointment for Oscar in the repair department to come look at our house. I was able to send a picture to DMC via email about the work in question. Oscar was punctual, professional & efficient with his time & work. The final project looks amazing, & cost a lot less than I had anticipated. We were beyond pleased with the work & customer service of DMC construction that I would highly recommend using them without any hesitation!


Shelly Day

Shelly Day Homeowner October 19, 2015

DMC Bathroom

Bathroom in cabin

Dan and his crew have been doing work on my vacation cabin in the redwoods for several years. With the possibility that it may become my full-time residence in the near future, I've had him upgrade my bathroom, redo the electrical, and myriad smaller projects. Dan is extremely conscientious about meeting his client's needs. When they did my bathroom I could not be there to oversee, so I basically gave Dan the freedom to design it as he wanted to, everything from the location of the tub to picking out the sink and lighting, the end result being a rustic but highly functional little room that is totally in keeping with my personal aesthetic and with the rest of the cabin. On another occasion he surprised me a cord of firewood, which he didn't ask or expect payment for. Easy to work with, returns calls and emails promptly, flexible with payment plans.


Annie K. Cabin Owner Redwood Forest, Humboldt County, CA October 5, 2015

Backyard Cottage

Dan and his crew built my backyard cottage in late 2013/early 2014. I am so happy with the result and was very fortunate to have chosen DMC to do the work. Every single guy on the crew was pleasant and professional and I really liked the subcontractors that Dan chose for various parts of construction. I always felt heard and my opinions were respected. I was never made to feel like a bother. Dan was also most willing to work with my tendency to find things on Craig's List that helped me keep costs down. Unlike some contractors that have their own ideas about what they want a place to be, Dan truly is customer driven. I would wholeheartedly recommend DMC!

Lois Beachy October 5, 2015

DMC Bedroom Remodel

Bedroom Remodel, Solar Tubes and new Windows.

We decided to enlarge our bedroom and saw that Dan was a local business. We called him and he came out the next day. After permits were obtained we soon got started. Besides doing the bedroom they also did other things like putting windows in and installing solar tubes in the bathrooms. They even found our sprinkler mainfold in 10 minutes which another company was able to do in a few hours! They are extremely clean. One worker, Matt, by the end of the day their wasn't a used nail, sawdust or scrap wood lying around. It was just amazing. And the job was done on time. We will definitely use them again. DMC is a great construction company.

Charlene Olson Home Owner Humboldt County, CA October 5, 2015

Scott Hammond


Dan Marsh is the best builder with the best team in the market. His work speaks for itself---quality and on time. He is a man of integrity and his work and word are gold. We were impressed with both the craftsmanship and the fair price of our slab, deck, fence and pergola. We now have a backyard "get-away". They were easy to work with and the project went off without a hitch.Great friendly attitude and they know their craft as builders.... We would unequivocally recommend DMC to anyone needing quality building, done by professionals at a fair price. --The Hammond Family Mckinleyville, CA

From google.com/+ScottHammond

Scott Hammond State Farm Insurance Agent McKinleyville, CA October 5, 2015

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5 Stars!!!

DMC Homebuilders is an awesome construction company. Their workers are on time polite they know what they’re doing. Very professional. The owner Dan Marsh is just an all-around great guy. Good businessman, well spoken knows what he’s doing when it comes to construction. Highly recommend if anyone’s looking to do a remodel brand new home, he did a little addition of mine, turned out beautiful. Thanks DMC.

Tom Laier July 31, 2023

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