Dan Marsh still has passion for what he does!

Dan Marsh has been in this Construction industry for several years. He continues to show his huge heart and compassion for helping others when it comes to there construction needs. Recently he got a phone call saying that another construction company had removed the roof off of this house and left it to be destroyed in the rain. So Dan understood the importance of this lady’s house and knew that if he didn’t help her right away, she would be in a lot of trouble. We were completely booked but he took some of his guys off other jobs to work on her roof. While being up on the house the guys had noticed that there were several spots that had been rotted so they replaced that and Put tarps on the roof to prevent the gnarly rain  from ruining the roof even more. Through the storm, the tarp was shifting and it wasn’t keeping the rain drops from leaking into her ceiling.. Dan and his crew went out on there day off  in the middle of the night to this wild storm and crazy winds and go back on her roof to fix the tarp. Because of Dan’s compassion and hard work ethics he was able to repair the roof in a timely manner. He learned that she was going through escrow and that the buyer was extremely picky and she had to repair a lot of things around the house leaving her with no money to pay off the bill here at DMC. With Dan’s huge heart he has built a really great relationship with this sweet customer. He is very understanding that people run into problems like this and that it wasn’t her intentions at all to not pay the bills so he is giving her an amazing opportunity and waiting for escrow to close before she pays her bill. I enjoy watching Dan do these acts of kindness for customers. It goes to show that he is an amazing owner and he isn’t just in this industry to make money for his family but to also help out his local family as well. He goes out of his way to help others and this is why Dan has such a successful business and a great reputation.If you have not done business with us i would recommend you consider it. If you don’t have any construction needs at the time but you find yourself reading this blog i would suggest you at least stop into the office and meet him. He is a great guy to talk to and he enjoys meeting people that live in his community.

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