Humboldt County Home Builder

Choosing your Humboldt County Home Builder

 Looking for that special Humboldt County Home Builder to work for you?

 Here are some important key factors when choosing:

1. Make sure the company acts in a professional manner.

2. Make sure the company can uphold the importance of safety guidelines.

3. Make sure the company has high qualified employees that will do the job correctly and can provide outstanding work.

4. Make sure the company can complete the job in efficiently.

4. Make sure the costs won’t exceed the rate amount you came to an agreement with.

DMC Construction, your Humboldt County Home Builder, possess all of the qualities you are looking for and more. We have a motto that we live by and expect our employees to do the same and that is; “A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and a loving favor rather than silver and gold.”

We, your Humboldt county home builder, have been in business for over 10 years. The company first began working with spec homes, but then when the recession hit the marketing industry, we knew that if we did not diversify our business, then it would fail like several others did during that time. The business owner, Dan Marsh, decided to take a big step and make significant changes to the services we provide, and now we excel not only in building spec homes, but now we do commercial buildings, home-remodeling and additions, home repair services, building a beautiful deck and patio as well as all types of other repairs. There isn’t anything that our DMC team can’t do for you!

Nowadays a lot of our customers are trying to make their home more energy efficient and deciding to go green. We, your Humboldt county home builder, stay up to date and are not only knowledgeable but are highly trained in the latest technology and resources that will make your home safe, and energy efficient. We use RRR () foam insulation which helps keep more heat inside and creates a barrier for unwanted moisture. Here is a link that gives you exact details on a difference it makes with your heating costs. Read Centria Performance PDF. All of our windows we install our double pane windows which also helps keep that heat in.

As your Humboldt county home builder, we realize that recycling is important as well, which is why we use composite deck products. One of the main decking products that we use comes from Timber Tech. Not only is this type of decking material environmentally friendly, it also will add an average of 71% return on investment. It is low maintenance and will resist mildew, warping, and insects. We create high quality decks that you, your family, and friends can enjoy for a life time.

DMC Construction is proud to be a Humboldt county home builder that also cares about our community and gives back with doing charitable giving. Please take a look at some of the things we participate in.

Here is one of our amazing customers hanging out with Dan and Matt.

DMC Construction with one of our customers

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