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Whether it’s outside of your French doors in your bedroom, or it’s outside the sliding glass doors of your kitchen, when summertime hits you will wish you had a deck to enjoy. Before you have a deck put in you will want to know what material is best for its price, and what would best fit your family’s lifestyle. There are four different materials that are used for decking. I have listed below pros and cons for all four materials.

Concrete deck/patio;

Pros: It is less likely to become bug infested and requires no maintenance.

Cons: Possibilities of cracking and it could turn costly to repair. Also, if you have younger kids the surface is more dangerous than other materials should someone fall.

Stamp Concrete;

Pros: It is a classier look of concrete for not much more in price. You can mimic different types of natural materials, such as brick or flagstone. You can also add your own personalized mold that will give your home a special touch.

Cons: In the cold weather they can be slicker than other materials and will also give off a reflective glare when hit by the sun.

Wood decks;

Pros: It already has a natural rustic look to it which some people prefer. Choosing a wood deck can also help you stay within your budget depending on the style of wood you choose.

Cons: Obviously we all know the cons. One is they can warp and rot. They are prone to insects and requires a lot of upkeep.

Last but not least composite decking. Composite decking has many pros to it and very few cons.


Pros: It is low maintenance and will resist mildew, warping, and insects. They come with a 25 year coverage, and if you sell your home before that time is up, the coverage would be passed on to the new homeowners. It increases an average of 71% on your home return on investment. It is also fire resistant which a big plus is. Amazing, right?

Con: it can, in the beginning, be pricier than the other deck materials I have mentioned, but not by much.

So that wraps it up! I hope this has helped you decide what you want and what would best fit you and your family. If you are interested in adding a deck to your home Call DMC Construction. Happy Decking!

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